12V DRL White LED Daytime Running Light 6.5 in COB Light 2 Strips Fog Driving Lamp



Product type: LED DRL

Vendor: Autolizer



  • Chip On Board (COB) technology is almost twice as bright as regular LEDs
  • Reduced heat production makes them longer-lasting, up to 50,000 of use
  • Waterproof Silicone Seal, suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Peel-and-stick backing makes installation a breeze


Unlike standard COB bars, our COB bars feature industrial-grade silicone to ensure the LED surface does not discolor.

Key Benefits:

-Intense Flood Lighting, in a Small Size
Adds an ultra-bright mini-flood light to any flat surface. Add a unique flash to your ride, or completely illuminate those dark spots in your trunk or car interior.

- Waterproof Silicone Seal
We’ve improved over the standard COB bars with premium build materials. Water-tight silicone seal to keep dirt and moisture out of the bars. Tough aluminum housing to ensure protection from rock chips and UV damage. OEM-Grade rubber polymer-coated wires to protect against heat from the engine bay.

- Peel & Stick Mounting
Mounting is simple and secure with pre-installed waterproof double-sided tape. Just peel & stick onto any flat surface.

- Universal Install
The included 20" reach cords can connect to any automotive power source or any other 12-24v source.

Common Applications:

  • Bumper/Grill Mount DRL Lighting: Get noticed with unique luxury DRL light.
  • Reverse Lighting: Illuminate that dark ally or forest before your back-up.
  • Trunk/Dome Lights: Fill your car with light and find everything you need without a flashlight.
  • Engine Bay Light: Easily diagnose your engine trouble without having to taste a flashlight ever again.
  • Anywhere light is needed!