HID Kit 9007 (9004 HB1 HB5) Single Hi/Lo Beam Wire Relay Harness 12V 35W/55W H/L Wiring



Product type: HID & LED Relay

Vendor: Autolizer



  • Compatible with 9007 9004 HB1 HB5 Single Beam Hi/Lo HID Kit. ** THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH BI-XENON KIT **
  • 40A/12VDC 30Amp Fuse SPST relay configuration
  • Compatible with both 35W and 55W HID conversion kits
  • Protects your HID system by drawing stable current directly from your battery
  • No more flickering due to low electrical current
  • One relay harness powers both driver and passenger sides

More Details:

  • Relay harness protects your H.I.D.
  • Resolve the problem with flickering due to low electrical current
  • Resolve the problem with one headlight turn on during initial startup
  • Resolve other common issues.
  • For both passenger and driver side headlights
  • Draw stable current direct from battery to your headlights
  • Wires are covered with heat shield and heat shrink to protect from water and heat
  • Durable, long life and made from high-quality material
  • Only works for single beam kit. 

For single beam HID kits only

  • It will not fix any computer related errors or dash message error problems.
  • It will not fix daytime running light errors (DRL)