STEELMATE Mini One-s Yellow Multi-Function Tire Pressure Monitoring System Auto Backlight Sleep Awake



Product type: TPMS

Vendor: Steel Mate




  • STEELMATE Mini One-s Equipped with mobile phone holder and vehicle aromatherapy function
  • Solar Power & USB Charging, 2 charging ways which ensure the tire pressure monitoring system will work continuously
  • 6 Alarm Modes: fast leak alarm, slow leak alarm, high pressure alarm, high temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, and sensor battery low power alarm
  • All-weather adoption: comes with 4 external sensors and sealed against dust, water and snow, easy installation, and receive real-time signal.
  • Auto-adjustable backlight can clearly display the data in low light or strong light environment
  • Real-time monitoring and real-time display of data is the best helper for driving.


  • Operating frequency:433.92±0.015MHz
  • Operating voltage: 2.6~3.6V
  • Operating current:≤55mA
  • USB charging current: ≤70mA
  • Operating temperature:-20℃-+70℃/
  • -4F~+158F
  • Charging temperature: -10°C-+65℃/
  • +14F~+149F
  • Pressure: ±0.1Bar/±2PSI
  • Temperature: 土3℃/±5F